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Méaulte is located near Albert, in Picardy. This facility actively contributes to the success of all the Airbus programmes.

This Centre of Excellence is located on a 47.5-hectare tract. The 1400employees are specialised in the production of nose sections for the whole Airbus family (from A318 to A380, also including A400M and A350XWB)

Méaulte faces several challenges, such as the technical skills required in order to comply with aerodynamic constraints, and the constant need for economical and industrial improvement. That is why this facility has set up breakthrough technologies: 5-axis high-speed milling with automated supply, automatic riveting for complex sub-assemblies, assembly assistance with LASER measure and drilling robot.

On top of that, Méaulte has developed flexible workshops for the sub-assemblies automatic riveting, the nose sections assembly and the fuselage lower shells assembly. This new way of producing aircraft work packages strengthens the industrial capability of the facility and makes it easier to industrialise and manufacture new programmes.

A new composites unit was inaugurated in November 2010. It produces composite work packages of the A350 XWB. Thus Aerolia offers the best of metals and composites technologies to its customers.

15 minutes from Méaulte are the “TGV Haute Picardie” train station and the A1 motorway. A few metres away from the workshops, the Albert Picardie Airport allows Aerolia to deliver the work packages to Airbus with the A300-600ST Beluga.

The Henry Potez secondary school is licensed by the French Ministry of Education. Students are trained on-site to jobs and skills dedicated to the aerospace industry.


  • » 1 400 employees
  • » 47.5 hectares


  • A318, A319, A320, A321,
  • A330, A340, A350 XWB, A380, A400M


  • » Nose fuselage sections assembly
  • » Fuselage lower shells assembly
  • » Alloy parts high speed milling
  • » Composite panels 


BP 70210
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+33 (0)3 22 64 30 00
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